VX Gaming Ripper Series Xbox One Thumb Grip Kit


  • Take control and up your game with the Ripper Series of controller thumb-grips.
  • Mini Stick Enhancers : A little extra precision goes a long way.
  • Silicone Grip Caps : Enhance the precision of your movements.
  • Thumb Grip Enhancer : Get the edge over your grip-less opponents.
  • For use with the Xbox One.

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Aim. Shoot. Win. Every millimeter counts when you are in the heat of the battle! You can’t afford to lose just because you lost your grip. Rip through those opponents. Enhance your controller with these easy-to-install accessories. Enhance your precision and movements with these specially designed thumb grips. Improve the amount of grip that your thumb has on the stick, as well as give some added support to ensure better control and more precise movement.