Volkano Potent Series 6000mAh Power Bank


  • Built-in, ultra bright LED flashlight for those moments where you just need to shed a little light on the situation.
  • Suitable for phones and tablets, or any device that needs to be charged via USB ports.
  • Dual USB charging ports lets you charge two devices at the same time.
  • The battery level indicator keeps you updated on how much charge you have left for your devices.  No need to worry just how much you have left.
  • Charge & discharge your devices up to 500 times

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Never get left in the dark again with the Potent Series 6000mAh Power Bank from Volkano. This large capacity power bank features ultra-fast charging from its two 2.1A output ports. The power bank has a built in battery level indicator, easily checked with a touch of the power button and included a bright LED flashlight, making this an ideal companion for blackouts or when camping. Keep your phone, tablet or other USB charged devices at full battery with the Volkano Potent Series power bank.