Volkano Booster Series Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank


  • Featuring QI Wireless Fast Charging Technology for the fastest possible speeds of charging with supported devices.
  • 8000mAh battery capacity for extra power where you need it the most.
  • Charge one device wirelessly and another with a cable at the same time Built-in battery status indicator, so you’ll always know the status of the charge you have left.
  • Don’t get caught out without any juice on your travels.
  • Recharge via AC or USB

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Futuristic Qi Wireless charging technology is within your reach with the Booster Series Power Bank from Volkano. This 8000mAh capacity power bank charges compatible devices wirelessly, up to 4 times on a single full battery; and can still charge conventional cabled devices. The wireless charging area features a non-slip pad to prevent your device from easily being knocked off and the built-in battery status indicator shows you your current power levels. Recharge your Booster power bank via wall socket or by USB through the new, fast charging USB Type-C port, so you’ll always have power on the go.