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HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator (Algebraic) - Non-Programmable

Arm yourself with the sophisticated HP 300s+ scientific calculator with advanced arithmetic, algebraic and trigonometric functions to tackle your most challenging math and science courses

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Textbook format display
Work in low-light conditions with solar power plus battery backup.
Help protect your HP 300s+ from bumps and drops with the durable slide-on cover.
Easily view equations on the sleek 60.5mm x 24.3mm LCD display.

User-friendly architecture.
See expressions as you would on paper. View your entry and the result at the same time with a student-friendly, 4-line, 15-character textbook display.
Improve accuracy and efficiency - use navigation keys to scroll through equations and edit recent entries.
Display results in your choice of engineering, scientific or standard notation.
Store and recall important results and data with nine easy-to-use memory keys.

Ideal for math and science students.
Solve math and science problems efficiently using 315 built-in functions.
Use a full library of algebraic, logarithmic, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions as well as their inverses.
Calculate common probability functions including permutations, combinations and factorials.
Approved for use on most college placement exams.

Streamline prime factorization, whole number division, fraction reduction and GCF/LCM calculations with built-in tools.
Convert from decimals to fractions. Make metric and imperial unit conversions.
Easily enter one and two-variable statistical data with table-based editor. Calculate mean, standard deviation, variance, regression analysis and more.

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Brand HP
Colour Blue

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